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The Home Buyers Guide 2018

So you’re looking to buy a home? Sounds kinda scary right? Well you know what, it’s not! With our home buyer’s guide we have simplified the whole process into easy actionable steps. So put your mind at ease and rest assured we will be with you every step of the way.

Before we dive in to this weeks blog we want to offer you our FREE Home Buyer’s Guide, which is an in depth look at ALL the details that go into buying a new home. We left no stone unturned in the booklet as there is over 40 pages of information jam packed into it and covers topics such as moving, finding a new home, who to contact and for what, loans, the buying process, the escrow process, and so much more!

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Step 1: Should I Rent Or Own?

First and foremost, is deciding and committing to the fact that buying your own home, vs. renting is a good decision and a wise investment. Buying a home gives you certain tax advantages that renting will never afford you. Please consult with a tax specialist to see what those specific benefits are.

Step 2: Consult With A Specialist

This step and VERY crucial is to consult with a Mortgage Specialist. They will guide you through all the steps of obtaining a loan, and will also be able to recommend the best product that will be best for your specific situation. Also, the Mortgage Specialist will qualify you for a dollar amount for a property. This will give us a much better understanding of the price range of homes we should be looking for.

Step 3: What Is The Best Area For Me?

Next, identify the area in which you’d like to live. Very important to choose an area that is best suited for your lifestyle. Do you want more of an urban setting being close to the goings on of a city life? Or, do you want more of a suburban feel? Also, consider things like A) Proximity to your jobs B) Schools for the kids (If applicable), C) Proximity to and ease of accessing things like the airport if you travel injustice.

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Step 4: Time To See Your Dream Home!

Next thing we do, is go out and actually look at the homes you like from your search. Nothing beats the experience of actually going out and seeing your future home. Please plan on this being a full day. We normally try and not see more than 6-8 homes in a particular day. We provide you with a clipboard and sheets about each of the homes so you can take copious notes.

With some good investigation and picking some great homes to see, we will discuss which home you can see yourselves living in. We will then discuss the best strategy for making this happen. As your Realtor, we will work on negotiating you the best purchase price and terms and conditions. This will ALWAYS be our goal as our purpose is to get you a great home at a great price.

Once we are through the negotiating process, and have an agreed upon price between buyer(s) and seller(s), we will get your documents to all the appropriate parties involved in the transaction. That will be your Mortgage Specialist and the Title and Escrow company. Title is selected and agreed upon by buyer(s) and seller(s) during the negotiating phase of the contract.

So there you have it, home buying simplified. That’s The AZ Home One Way.