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The Highest Valued Homes in the Valley Revealed

A glimpse into the top 5 stunning homes for sale in our area! Yes. These breath-taking wonders are basically in our very own backyards. The homes are worthy candidates for HGTV features but somehow have maintained low key profiles and escape the publics reach.

Thanks to these creations, our valley is able to maintain its prestigious appeal. For the most part, they continue to be secluded from the public’s view and kept away from the community to see. Only one has a video and the rest remain locked away with only a select number of pictures.

5. 5335 N Invergordon Road. $16,950,000
Number 5 on our countdown has received the highest traffic to the public as it is showcased the best. Its intricacies are showcased by the guided video that shows viewers glimpses of the estates features. The video explores the dome ceiling, demonstrates the automatically controlled pocket doors, elevator and custom tile work. The ambiance, scale and the glamour of its construction is demonstrated by the lovely guide.

4. 20450 N 108th PL, Scottsdale, AZ 85255. $17,995,000
The fourth real estate wonder of our city is actually a proximal outlier amongst the list. It is the only featured property that ventures out of the Paradise of Paradise Valley and into the under-explored northern boundaries of Scottsdale. This residence is amongst the most exclusive from the public and takes full advantage of the McDowell Mountain preserve landscape. It’s security is maintained by guarded access to its property. This 6 bedroom 14 bathroom 20,805 sq.ft Arizona manor is only accessible to the public with the 114 static pictures that are made available through the MLS.

3. 5335 N WILKINSON RD, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253 $18,000,00
In third place is this luxury estate. I first mistook it for a waterpark. Its aerial photo surely captures the scale of this beauty. This estate emanates a personal resort as it is bordered by a lazy river-style mote. While this wonder is also situated in the same Paradise Valley we are familiar with, its luxury escapes most of our senses. That lazy river mote is among the classiest of blockades and ensures the privacy of its inhabitants is upheld. Even the 137 static pictures seem to do the property an injustice.

2. 8055 N MUMMY MOUNTAIN RD, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253. $19,995,000
Next on our list of prime real-estate in the valley is this brilliant master piece of a home. It was constructed the year just after our first Paradise Valley beauty most likely to keep up with the Jones’s. And they did. Although valued slightly less, it equally screams fairy tale living. Also, cleverly disguised behind private gates and stone walls it borders our very own Mummy Mountain and takes full advantage of the terrain it was constructed on. The exposure of this beauty is somewhat less guarded with 30 pictures available for viewing on the MLS, its elegance still leaves much to the imagination.

1. 5838 E Starlight WAY, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253. $27,500,000
Paradise Valley marvel number 1! Listed at 27,500,000. I’m not exaggerating when I say this is a mansion! It is of course, in a privately gated and reserved community. It is just close enough to Camelback Mountain to experience the ambiance and just far away enough to remain nestled away from intrusion of hikers. The interior has been designed by the famous David Scott in collaboration with Vernon Swaback’s exterior construction. This 8 bedroom, 11 bath, 30,858 sq.ft work of art remains a teaser with just 9 photo’s available on the MLS.

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