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Let’s find the home of your dreams!

The Home Buying Process:

#1) Information Gathering – (typically, more than 90 days out) – Location, location, location as they say. It is recommended to start identifying where you want to buy a home. Use one of our many maps to see all wonderful areas that are available throughout the Phoenix valley to live. Next start to pick your favorites. Our easy search tool allows you to search by cities, communities, school districts, or even country clubs. So once you have an idea of where you want to live the best step is to next see how financially everything will fall into place.

Provide us with that address or area of town and we will do the heavy lifting for you! We will be strategic with the values and features of the different areas and homes. We will go above and beyond and even help you to calculate the drive times to work, school or that favorite golf course. You can either receive listings by an email drip or you can choose to view you searches through very own personal dashboard with are easy search cloud software.

Search criteria you provide contains: Area(s), how many beds and baths, how many square ft, investment range and other particulars you may have to help identify homes that will meet your needs – click here to begin your search

#2) Identifying Properties – You have found that neighborhood that you are in love with or city. Next it is time to find out the features that really catch your eye and features that are of necessity. For example, how many cars will need to be garaged. Do you want a new house or a house to fix up for a quick flip? Ask yourself, 24-inch travertine tile or wood floors? Maybe neither. Our team will have you covered and we will search for those exact feature details. If this house does not exist yet… we can always set alerts so you will be notified as soon as the house you want hits the market.

After we meet with you and understand your needs thoroughly, we will be on the battlefield for you, previewing new and existing listings or even pocket inventory on the market. Once we find that house that fits your bill we can provide extra photos, video and even aerial media. Need measurements or blue prints? We will see what’s available and if you can’t physically walk to a property, we can 3d map the property for you with latest brand-new VR driven technology. This is an amazing tool for sellers too.

#3) You Found a Home – We successfully found a house(s) that will meet your needs. We will then research the active, pending and recent sales in the surrounding area, and neighborhood(s). We help you sort out all the factors to make you 100% happy. In the backroom, we will be evaluating the trends of the market, looking at long term sustainability of the investment mixed with our expertise in selling and negotiating. This will help us make the best offer to get the property at the best price.

#4) The Close – Once our offer is accepted then we start the due diligence to ensure the property is acceptable in its condition. In Arizona, real estate repair negotiations are “round two”. We will need to order that inspection and we recommend an appraisal. Once all parties agree on the list of repairs to be completed we see the transaction through to Close of Escrow. We always make sure that you are getting the best deal and service possible.

Non MLS Listings

Talk about “EXCLUSIVE”

AZ Home One specializes in finding homes that are so fresh on the market that they aren’t even listed on the MLS yet! Pocket listings, unlisted homes, whatever you wanna call em, we’ve got em just for you!

Gain access to exclusive listings all over the valley including North Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Desert Ridge, Kierland, Cactus Corridor, Troon, Greyhawk, and West Valley.

If you’re serious about buying, we share these exclusive homes with people working directly with our top agents. Our team works hard to compile accurate information about this ever-changing list, and is constantly strategizing to find more unlisted home sellers based on your specific and unique home requirements.

Nothing beats the feeling of treading in uncharted territory, or exploring a place few have seen. Become an AZ Home One Pioneer and gain access to a real estate world not available to the general public.

It’s just another way we help you find your dream home.