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AZ Hotness Index 2017

AZ has real estate markets as hot as our temperatures!

According to the research staff at, AZ has many promising hot markets for buyers, sellers and investors to take advantage of now.
When considering AZ’s hot real estate markets, which hot spots come to mind?

The results may actually surprise you! Our fabulous Scottsdale does not even make an appearance until number 33 on the list. Both Gilbert and Mesa holds 3 of the top 10 zip codes on AZ’s Hotness indicator. What does this mean for AZ residence? The hotness indicator suggests which areas have the potential to grow and develop the most. This index generalizes which zip codes will have the hottest real-estate deals right now.

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The Index captures the fastest moving supply and consequential demand in communities. Apart from the real estate trends alone, the index takes into consideration the relative affordability, large shares owned by millennials, strong job markets as well as high salaries of those markets. They also analyze the real estate dynamics across the country to provide a comprehensive inventory that’s standardized across the nation. As an AZ resident, it is important to stay current with our real estate trends when making real-estate related decisions.

Even if your ideal location is not Gilbert AZ, knowing where possible economic hot spots are will help you make your personal real estate decisions.